Mint Condition’s Time is Now, Readies ‘The Speed of Life’

After spending over two decades creating original records, Mint Condition finally sense “it’s our time now.” The band released “7…” in 2011, which produced two Grammy nominations, increasing their momentum and growing their fan base.

Ready to build on the successes of last year’s hits like “Caught My Eye,” the veteran group will not wait several years to drop a new album. They will release their eighth studio album ‘The Speed of Life’ in September 2012.

“We definitely think we’re headed in the right direction. It’s kind of strange to say that after two decades but we feel it’s our time now, we’ve paid a lot of dues, been schooled in the business, honed our craft, in other words, we’ve gone to the “puppet show” and seen the strings!” said the band.

The forthcoming project will contain pass material like “Pretty Brown Eyes” and “What Kind Of Man Would I Be,” while pushing the quintet’s creativity on several new records. The band opened their doors to work with DJ Jazzy Jeff, rapper Brother Ali, and M-Factory Honors on the new album.

Mint Condition stays close to their roots integrating Jazz, R&B, Rock, Latin influences and pushing their boundaries. “We believe by staying true you become vulnerable in many ways and people feel that, whether it’s joy, love or pain, it comes across in the music and people embrace that!”

The album will be released via Shanachie Entertainment, the same label that put out ‘7…’