Singer Miguel Threatens Other Artists to Preserve His Creative Expression

R&B singer Miguel sat down with Philadelphia’s Power 99’s Mina SayWhat to talk upcoming music plans, describing his next full-length studio effort will be progressive. “I am taking a lot of my more alternative influences and incorporating them,” says the 25-year old singer-songwriter.

Earlier this year, he released three mini EPs as just a sample of the direction his sound is taking. Speaking on one of the songs “Adorn,” he says, “it’s very soulful, but still has some alternative elements…it’s a very honest representation of where I’m at, but it’s just a segway.”

But Miguel is very protective of his new musical sound. He addresses other artists who may begin to wonder over into his “lane.” “I’m just gonna say,” he says, “Don’t nobody out there step into my fu**in’ lane. Stay where you’re at,'” he warned. “I’m a competitive person and what I’m saying is I’m solidifying my lane and don’t fu**ing come over here ’cause I will f**k you up.”

What he means is for artists to create their own style to stand out from the crowd. “What I mean by that is find your own thing to do and create your own lane.”

“Unexpected” is the term used to describe the collaborations to be featured on his next album, referencing that on his debut album “All I Want is You,” there were few collaborations because “I’m a man who wants to stand on his own two feet. I don’t need a f**king co-sign…I can’t tell you who I may feature on this next album, but I guarantee you that it will be unexpected.”