Usher to Contribute to Upcoming “Dance Central 3” Game

If there’s one thing R&B star Usher knows about, it’s how to dance, so his input in Dance Central 3 seems natural. The popular Dance Central franchise is developed by Harmonix for the Xbox 360 Kinect system. The singer revealed his involvement in the project at the Microsoft Electronic Entertainment Expo on Monday.

After performing “Scream” at the expo, he said backstage in an interview, “After looking at the first game, I was like, ‘Man, they didn’t really get the moves right, so I was able to 100 percent give them accuracy through choreography from videos, as well as from my live performance.”

Some of Usher’s songs to be featured on the “Dance Central 3” are “Scream” and his collab with “OMG.”

Referencing the fact that he’s a fan of Xbox gaming, the star explains, “At some point, I had to put them down because my thumbs were black and blue,” Usher said. “I still have the callouses built up. You see this little black mark right here? That’s from hours and hours of ‘Tecmo Bowl’ and ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.'”

He goes on to promise that “Dance Central 3” will increase one’s swag quotient. “How many guys don’t know how to move?… One sure way to make yourself completely unattractive is to not know how to move at a party. …Get ‘Dance Central 3,’ learn a few moves, and throw it into your repertoire,” he said.

“Dance Central 3” will be available this fall.

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