David Guetta: I’ve Created A Bridge Between Electronic and Urban Culture

From “When Love Takes Over (Kelly Rowland)” to “Without You (Usher),” David Guetta has become one the top producers when it comes to R&B and Hip Hop artists like Nicki Minaj taping into electronic music.

Following several award wins, including a Grammy for his chart-topping collaboration with Kelly Rowland (When Love Takes Over), Guetta said he never thought electronic and Hip Hop could be put together.

“I was listening to hip-hop at home and I was playing electronic music. One day I was like, “Why can’t I try to put it together?” But those communities were really opposite at the time so it was difficult. It just happened. I remember when I produced “Sexy Bi***h” and “I Gotta Feeling” and all those records, every urban artist was calling me and saying, “It’s really crazy that we’re working with you because this is really against what our culture is,” Guetta tells Rolling Stone in the latest issue. “But we love it, and it’s so incredible and it’s so positive and it feels good at this moment where everybody is having such a hard time. It’s just feel-good music.”

With recording artists continuing to blow up his phone with requests, Guetta believes he’s created a bridge between European electronic culture and urban American culture.

“So many urban artists are calling me like, “Can you give me that feel-good music?” I’ve created a bridge between European electronic culture and urban American culture, and I’ve worked with established brands. So media has given us a chance, an opportunity that I never had before,” says Guetta.

When asked about dance music and the American public’s reception, David Guetta gets candid in saying “I just made it (dance/electronic) acceptable.”

“This music was born in the gay black clubs, and then it was the rave scene. So the image was, “OK, this music is for gay guys or kids on drugs.” A lot of people are saying, “You brought that to America.” I didn’t bring it to America,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I just showed the people that were refusing to see it how big it is. I just made it acceptable.”

As reported earlier this year, David Guetta worked with Usher on his forthcoming album “Looking 4 Myself.”