Angie Stone Sets Release Date For Sixth Album ‘Rich Girl’

A few weeks ago, Angie Stone marked her return with “Do What You Gotta Do,” a new single from her forthcoming album. The soul diva signed a recording contract with Saguaro Road Records (SRR) to release her sixth studio effort ‘Rich Girl.’

“Its a new day Im Single and ready to Mingle with a new Album a new attitude Its going down, took a minute but god knows best lets do this,” Stone wrote on Twitter.

Do What You Gotta Do,” written by Y’Anna Crawley, ignited Stone to bare her soul on the new project. “I was excited and gave me a whole new outlook on what I was doing. It started the record both literally and inspirationally.”

The empowering lyrics reverberated in her spirit, Stone explained, “It was telling me to keep my head up, saying ‘you can make it and do what you gotta do,’ giving me the beginning of the new album and the resolve to make it into something beyond anything I had ever done before.”

‘Rich Girl’ is scheduled for release on September 25.