American Idol Runner Up Jessica Sanchez Not Guaranteed Deal

Last week a lot of music fans and viewers were up in arms about Jessica Sanchez not winning American Idol after belting songs like “I Will Always Love You.” Now, sources say Sanchez will be the first American Idol runner-up not to be guaranteed an album.

Instead of receiving a deal, like previous runner ups, Sanchez has been given a “development period” in which she may record songs to be released individually or on an EP.

“Sanchez could be asked to record as few as four songs, for which she would be paid a $30,000 advance, or an EP of between four to 10 songs, for which she would receive a $60,000 advance,” reports THR. “Should 19 Recordings agree to produce an entire album by Sanchez, she would receive the same $175,000 advance as previous runners-up.”

As in past years, runner ups like Adam Lambert received deals and went on to release full albums. In comparison, several X Factor contestants received deals with labels including Epic Records, despite landing third or even fourth in the competition last year.