Ryan Leslie Changes Music Distribution, Plans to Release Album as Mobile App

Ryan Leslie is following fellow Harvard alumni Mark Zuckberg, by creating a platform to disrupt traditional music consumption. In anticipation for Leslie’s upcoming album ‘Les Is More,’ he is looking past distribution powerhouses like iTunes or Amazon and shifting away from MP3 format to developing a mobile application.

“My album is going to be released in a form of an application, a mobile application. Because I do believe the future is mobile,” said Leslie.

The “Glory” singer’s ability to leverage technology from the beginning of his career helped him launched both Cassie and himself online by strategically taking advantage of social media platforms before they became household names.

“We are creating an application that creates a curated environment that I am designing with my team for people to be able to play video, listen to the music and have that experience right their in their mobile handset.”

The content for the album will include a music video for each of the ten records on the album. Thus far, Leslie has released four out of ten music videos including “Glory,” “Beautiful Life,” “Good Girl,” and “5 Minute Freshen Up.”