Alicia Keys Readies ‘Incredible Musical Cake’ on New Album

Alicia Keys has a lot in store for music listeners on her anticipated follow up to “The Element of Freedom.”

Speaking of the album, her fifth overall, Keys says it’s on a completely different level than we’ve heard before.

“Right now I’m finishing up the most incredible musical cake that you’ve eaten in your life,” Keys said backstage at the Billboard Music Awards. “So, I’m really excited about that. The music is coming within the next couple of months. I am in a whole ‘nother zone.”

In related news, Alicia Keys is prepping more than music. The talent behind Lifetime’s celebrated ‘Five’ project has fallen in love with production.

“I’m really falling in love with producing film, television and Broadway,” Keys confirms. ” So, I really am developing a lot of projects like that. I’m just in love.”

As seen Sunday, Keys took the stage to perform with Stevie Wonder at the Billboard Music Awards. She also honored him with the Billboard Icon Award.

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