Beyonce Heading to Courthouse This Summer Over $100 Million Lawsuit

As Singersroom reported late last year (2011), a Manhattan Supreme Court denied Beyonce’s request to toss out $100 million lawsuit filed by Gate Five LLC, which claimed the R&B superstar “double crossed” their company after ditching on a project to make a videogame called “Starpower: Beyoncé.”

Now, the trial has been set for this summer after judge Charles Ramos ruled that the videogame maker had enough evidence to move forward.

The video game company is attempting to retrieve funds injected for the development of the project, along with forecasted profits. In total, Gate Five is demanding over $100 million, insisting Beyonce dropped the project last minute after making an “extortionate demand” for more money, which led to the firm financing the game to back out and 70 employees losing their jobs.

Beyonce’s team argue that she had all rights to walk away, due to a technicality in untimely funding.