Adele Gets Candid For NBC Special ‘Adele Live In London’

Adele is ready to get personal and candid about her journey, music and more in a just announced NBC special titled “Adele Live In London.”

While the special will feature music, primarily from her DVD project “Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall,” NBC reports Adele will spend much of the time with Matt Lauer.

“It gave me complete shivers… it was a moment I’ll never forget,” Adele tells Matt Lauder in a preview when discussing the show at Royal Albert Hall.

Speaking candidly about her vocal surgery and forced time off last year, Adele admits she felt like it was time for a break anyway.

“I felt like I needed a bit of rest but, at the same time I don’t like canceling shows,” said Adele.

As for much anticipated and talked about Grammy Award performance, Adele laughs about her wardrobe and the fact that she had to remove a pair or two of spanx for comfort.

“I was thankful for the spanx that night,” said Adele. “(though) I took a couple off at the Grammys.”

Adele Live In London with Matt Lauer airs June 5 at 8 p.m. on NBC.