Usher, Manager Girlfriend Talk Relationship and ‘Looking 4 Myself’

Is Usher happy with the direction of his new album “Looking 4 Myself” and team he’s assembled behind the project? According to the “Climax” and “Lemme See” singer, things couldn’t be better.

“In life we have to grow and one thing that’s been beautiful is that I’ve been able to grow along with my mother and people of my past. They’re proud of me as I move forward, and are able to acknowledge the work I’ve been doing and say, ‘I like what you’re doing, and I like that you’ve been able to pick it up and continue to move on,” Usher tells Billboard in his recently released cover story.

But, who is handling Usher at this point ?

Following the exit of Randy Phillips, who took over after Usher and his mother parted ways in 2008, girlfriend and industry veteran Grace Miguel has stepped in.

Speaking of Usher’s upcoming album, due June 12, Miguel admits being close to Usher makes it a lot easier to go the extra mile.

“Usher’s core team is run like a family who inspire each other to reach our full potential and have each other’s backs, while we create the foundation for his monumental success,” says Miguel. “That personal connection allows us all to really go the extra mile to help him achieve his goals.”

With songs including “Scream,” “Lemme See” and “Climax,” Usher’s album “Looking 4 Myself” hits stores June 12.