Monique Houston: Whitney Houston’s Manager, Brother Abusive

Monique Houston, the ex-wife of Whitney Houston’s brother, Gary, is levying some serious allegations this week claiming he and his wife, Pat Houston, were abusive. In addition, Houston says Gary repeatedly discussed using cocaine with Whitney.

“I never witnessed her (Whitney) actually use. I just know what he has communicated to me in the past. Gary has had an addiction issue. (His brother) Michael also and, as we see, Whitney did too,” says Houston. “I don’t know how much cocaine she did in the prior years when I was around. I just know that he used to communicate, you know, smoking the joints with the cocaine in it.”

While Monique Houston has divorced Gary, she tells Eurweb he and his wife, Whitney Houston’s manager, Pat, have been consistently abusive and have harassed her and her kids.

“He has not maintained a healthy relationship with his kids. Towards me, he’s very bitter. I believe even if you divorce you should try to maintain a healthy relationship with the mother of your child as much as possible and your children,” says Houston. “Once he didn’t have that hold on me, then any opportunity to be financially abusive started to come in to play. I kind of feel like the only way to really hurt me is to withdraw from the kids. When Gary and Pat were first married, there was a lot of harassment that went on towards me, calling and sending crazy pictures in the mail, leaving crazy voicemails. I don’t understand that type of mentality either, when another woman participates in that ongoing bitter struggle with the ex-woman.”

Claiming their marriage dissolved due to his struggle with drugs, Houston claims to be unsure if he was using when Whitney died.

“I don’t know what his status is presently,” Houston said after admitting he’s been “back and forth for many years.”

This is not the first time Monique has spoken out. She appeared on Dr. Drew’s HLN series shortly after Whitney Houston’s death. There she discussed the family’s alleged struggle with substance abuse and her relationship with the late “I Will Always Love” you singer.