Gunshot Residue May Link Balfour To Hudson Family Murders

There appears to be new evidence that links William Balfour to the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew.

In testimony during the ongoing trial this week, Illinois State Police evidence analyst Robert Berk testified that gunshot residue was found in Balfour’s car. The same residue was also found in the ceiling of Jason Hudson’s 1994 Suburban where authorities found Hudson’s nephew Julian dead.

As widely reported, Berk also testified to the fact that Balfour’s DNA was not found on the .45 caliber murder weapon. Therefore, the gunshot residue appears to be the only link, other than threats Balfour made, to the murders.

Brittany Acoff Howard also testified this week, telling the prosecution Balfour treated her like a little sister but, also asked her to be his alibi the day of the murders.

“He told me that if anybody asks you, I’ve been out west all day,” Acoff Howard said Wednesday.

Testimony will continue in the trial with Balfour facing a life sentence.