Jermaine Dupri: “N***as Is So Caught Up in This Techno And Dance Sh*t”

Music industry producer/pioneer Jermaine Dupri is the latest artist to speak out about the lack of love for R&B. While attending the recent Singersroom Rhythm Effect event, to support his new artist Brandon Hines at Drom in NYC, the hit producer made it clear that he will not join the dance bandwagon, instead he’s giving all his support to redefining the R&B lifestyle.

“It’s really interesting with R&B music now, cuz R&B is probably the least most supported music in the music industry,” says JD for his latest Living The Life visuals. “N***as is so caught up in this techno, and dance sh*t right now, it’s like the R&B artists, that really make R&B music are rapping now, so the n***as that’s really singing, man they be getting like zero support.”

Dupri adds that he will be a mainstay in supporting the genre. “I’m here to make sure that we keep that going and we redefine R&B lifestyle.”

Check out the video below along with clips from BHines’ performance. You can also view photos here.

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