Jennifer Hudson’s Sister, Julia’s 911 Call Released

Disturbing audio from the ongoing William Balfour murder trial has been released. In the audio below, Julia Hudson, Jennifer Hudson’s sister, places a call to emergency officials detailing what she found when entering her mother’s home after work the day she died.

“Oh my God. Somebody’s killed my mother,” Hudson yells as the dispatcher answers the line. “She’s on the floor. Blood is coming from her head.”

While the audio is disturbing, hearing Hudson scream and cry as the dispatcher tries to obtain information, the Cook County judge presiding over the case approved its release.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Judge Charles Burns said there was no evidence Balfour’s rights would be harmed even though the prosecution wanted to prevent the release of the 911 tape.

Balfour is charged with killing Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew in October of 2008.