Carl Thomas Says He Won’t Judge Brian McKnight for ‘Ready to Learn’ Song

Ever since Brian McKnight debuted a new, explicit song called “If You’re Ready to Learn” for an adult mixtape, the internet has been abuzz with the opinions of many. However, many musical artists have been somewhat hush-hush about the controversial tune, until now.

After the murder of his stepbrother, a long break overseas, and the death of his good friend and mentor Heavy D, McKnight’s contemporary Carl Thomas recently spoke with The Root, mentioning his stance on the issue. “I mean, would I do something like that? No, because that’s really not my bag as a songwriter. I feel like you can relay the same message in a poetic fashion, and that’s the challenge of being a songwriter,” he states. But with that being said, he makes it clear that it’s all good with him and his friend McKnight saying, “But do I stand in judgment? No, not at all. We don’t question hip-hop artists for saying the same thing. At the end of the day…we talk like guys do. But do I think it was a wise career move? No.”

The former Bad Boy artist goes on to say how, depending on McKnight’s intent and the circumstances, his response would vary. He says, “Now, if it was a parody, then I think it’s funny. If he was being serious about it, then it’s like, “Hey, hold your horses!” But if it was a joke, I can definitely take a joke. Everybody took it well when Justin Timberlake was singing about ‘D–k in a Box,’ and I thought that was hilarious. Now, if I were the father of a 14-year-old girl, I would feel differently.”

Thomas is preparing to release his next single produced by Heavy-D titled “It Is What It Is” from his newest album Conquer.

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