Jennifer Hudson Breaks Down on Stand, Testimony First Step In Long Road To Justice

According to experts, Jennifer Hudson being called as the first witness during William Balfour’s trial Monday created a buzz. But, a lot more must be said and done to convince the jury that Balfour was responsible for the deaths of her mother, brother and nephew in 2008.

Hudson took the stand Monday, giving an emotional testimony detailing her relationships with her family, the victims. Claiming she warned her sister not to marry Balfour repeatedly, Hudson also claimed the entire family disliked Balfour because of “how he treated her (Julia Hudson).”

Hudson broke down several times, especially when discussing her mother who she claimed communicated, via text, with her everyday. She claimed to know something was wrong the morning of the murders because no text message was sent.

Hudson’s fiance’ David Otunga sat with her in the courtroom as her sister, Julia, took the stand later in the day.

While she acknowledged the fact that Balfour had threatened her on numerous occasions, she also told the prosecution she and Balfour had been intimately involved just days before the shootings.

According to local reports, Balfour’s case is difficult to prove because there is no link to the murder weapon and no eyewitness account of him actually entering and exiting the family home. Balfour also claims to have been with his girlfriend at the time of the murders.

Testimony continues Tuesday in Cook County, Illinois.