Usher Calls ‘Looking For Myself’ Consistent and Eclectic

Admitting the lead single, “Climax,” was “a risk,” Usher says “Looking For Myself,” his anticipated seventh studio album, is “consistent” yet an “eclectic” project.

“If you take no risk, you stand to gain nothing in life. Dare to be different. I don’t look like you, I don’t walk like you, I don’t dance like you, I don’t move like you or talk like you. That doesn’t make me odd, that makes me who I am. I want people to feel that essence of growth,” Usher says of the album. “This album is very consistent in the aspect of being eclectic.”

Due in June, “Looking For Myself” is also a defining project for Usher in that it introduces what he has touted for months — a new sound.

“I’ve been influenced in a way that makes me want to go against the grain,” Usher tells The Guardian.

As reported last year, Usher dubbed his new sound “revolutionary pop.” At the time, producer Rico Love pointed to creating music that would connect with just about any audience.

“Right now we’re just experimenting with different sounds,” Rico Love said of the upcoming project. “My job is to make sure it stays classic. I don’t feel like Usher is just a Top 40 artist or just an R&B artist or just a rhythmic artist. I gotta make records that connect to all formats.”

Usher’s “Looking For Myself” is due for release June 12.