Rihanna’s Father Fears She’ll End Up Like Whitney Houston?

Rihanna’s father may not have the best choice of words when it comes to his daughter but, are his latest fears legitimate?

In the just released issue of The Sun, Ronald Fenty claims Rihanna is “obsessed” with everything Whitney (Houston) and he prays she does not travel the same road.

“Rihanna was obsessed with everything about Whitney… I pray she doesn’t end up like her,” said Fenty.

The Sun drives Fenty’s point home with a series of photos depicting Rihanna and the late Whitney Houston in similar states of dress and circumstances.

“Both stars grew up in devout Christian communities. Whitney in New Jersey, Rihanna in Barbados and cut their musical teeth singing in their local church. Both had violent relationships with hip-hop bad boys,” The Sun writes. “But like Whitney before her, she wants to be judged as a performer rather than a role model.”

As widely reported last week, Rihanna came under fire for being pictured cutting a substance atop her bodyguard’s head. She later tweeted about that incident claiming “I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else.”

“Ask God 2 show u what U need 2 change. Accept others 4 who they r and see how God works in u to complete your joy,” she went on to say. “Our happiness is not dependent on whether or not other ppl do what we want them to do.”

She also tweeted “420 on 420,” in reference to the drug.

Rihanna’s neighbor, Trevor Petty, speaking with The Sun, claims Rihanna is simply living “life by her own terms.”

“Robyn’s idols are people who are unapologetic and strong. She lives life by her own terms, and that’s how she is supposed to live it,” said Petty. “She’s just having fun. She is from the islands and you expect her not to like weed? Of course she likes weed. People are going to attach Robyn to Whitney. The fact is Robyn is kind of hardcore. She is going to get even more epic as time goes by. I think she can handle it.”