Songwriter Eric Bellinger Talks Penning Songs For Usher, Kelly Rowland, More

Eric was born in Los Angeles with royal music industry lineage and began singing at an early age. His grandfather was songwriter Bobby Day of “Little Bitty Pretty One, Rockin’ Robin” fame, so musicality undeniably runs in the family. After joining and touring with the R&B group AKNU (A Kind Never Understood), Bellinger discovered a passion for songwriting. His first string of songwriting success came as songs recorded by Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, Disney’s Selena Gomez, and powerhouse Cymphonique.

The singer-songwriter continues to make waves in the music industry. After writing the theme duet to the upcoming movie Think Like A Man performed by Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo, Ashanti’s single “The Woman You Love,” and Usher’s soon-to-be single featuring Rick Ross “Let Me See,” Bellinger is a busy man. He’s presently working with Nelly, JoJo, Brandy, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown. Kelly Rowland’s future project is on his to-do list, as well as his mixtape titled “Born ll Sing Vol.3.”

In an interview with, Eric talks about how “Think Like A Man” came to be, among other things, saying, “I wasn’t initially writing the song for the movie, and I wasn’t in the studio session for the recording – but Tricky heard the song and suggested that if we tweaked it a little bit he thought it would be a good fit for the movie. Things took off so quick from there like within a week, I found out Jennifer Hudson was gonna do it and I found out Ne-Yo was on it too and I was like wow, and when they told me Rick Ross hopped on it I was like wonderful! So, it was amazing to be a part of a record that took off so quickly and be connected to a movie like Think Like A Man.”

Regarding Usher’s single “Let Me See,” he says, “We were at writer’s camp and when I wrote the record and people heard it – the reaction to it was pretty much like ‘this is definitely an Usher record!” …Whenever we work together it’s nothing but creative energy – it’s been a good experience for me as an artist and a songwriter.

On working with Kelly Rowland and her project, the talented songsmith says, “Kelly is a sweet spirit, and a passionate artist so working with her was great. But basically her album will be something that touches on real life situations that everybody can relate to. Coming off of that record ‘Motivation’ which was really big for her – we’ve been going in and have a lot of good music coming from her next album.”

Dishing the details on his mixtape, the lyricist says, “My first mixtape was a little underground and I kinda just put it out there, my second one is on a lot of blogs and people can download it and has a lot of buzz around it with the features I have on it. With the third one It will be “Born ll Sing Vol.3″ to kinda show the fans that I do have a lot of music…it’s gonna have some tracks on there that’s really feel good and little bit more commercial. I’ve reached out to a few big names like Meek Mill, J.Cole and a few more and working with producers like Da Interz , T-Minus and Hit-Boy. I’ve got a lot planned for this one.”

His plans have our ears waiting.