Sean Garrett Puts the Hype on Brandy’s Upcoming Album

In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, producer/songwriter/rapper Sean Garrett sung the praises of R&B singer Brandy’s upcoming sixth studio album. The upcoming effort is titled Two Eleven for the singer’s birthday and the day her mentor and friend Whitney Houston went from being her icon, to her angel. Her first album on RCA, Brandy has been recording for the past year with Garrett, and the “Upgrade U” co-producer gives fans a teaser of what’s to come.

For Ms. Norwood’s new project, Garrett tells S2S, “We developed a new swag on Brandy other than her voice. This generation is about swag; it’s about style – a lot more than just singing,” explained Sean. “You’re not going to listen to this album and say any of the songs could work for anyone but Brandy.”

The first single, “Put It Down,” which features Chris Brown, is set to be released sometime this week.

Garrett adds, “Bombs [are] gonna fly-you best believe that. I can’t give too much detail, but I can say the one we played a snippet of [on UStream] will not be the first single, but I think it is an amazing song that will be the second or third single. This is definitely going to satisfy her fans and introduce Brandy to a whole new generation.”

Even celebrities are tweeting about their anticipation of Brandy’s long-awaited album; celebs like Jennifer Hudson, Chris Brown and Jill Scott have been taking to Twitter about how anxious they are for the album, which Sean says is full of big ballads and club bangers.

“I swear to you she sounds incredible. You are going to love the entire album. There are definitely six No. 1 hits on the album,” said Sean. “We had the opportunity to play with her voice and have fun.”

The album is set to be released sometime in June, the date not yet specified.