Nelly Furtado Goes Up High for “Big Hoops” Video, Talks Soulful New Music

Nelly Furtado was spotted in downtown Los Angeles on set of her video for her new single “Big Hoops (The Bigger, The Better),” and quite frankly, it was hard to miss her. She was a looming figure amongst the crowd, as she was walking around in a pair of towering stilts.

The Canadian singer was seen wearing a black outfit, complemented by pink buttons and stripes that went down along the side. She looked as if she was having fun and having no trouble walking around in the stilts, with the occasional help from her assistants to help her balance. Furtado even tweeted, “The higher the better!”

The single was produced by Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, and is set to be released on iTunes on April 17th. “Big Hoops” will also serve as the lead single off of Furtado’s upcoming album, ‘The Spirit Indestructible,’ which is set for release on June 19th.

“It has a real classic sound to it, a sound that’s really authentic, super soulful,” Furtado has said of her new music.

Preview “Big Hoops” below:

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