Ne-Yo Drops Concept Driven For ‘Simple, Happy’ Album

If you were at all confused with Ne-Yo’s last album, the concept-driven “Libra Scale,” the “Think Like A Man” singer plans to make his next effort “more simple.”

Admitting “I got a little too cool for the room” when discussing “Libra Scale” over the weekend, Ne-Yo says the next album is a return to basics.

“I’m definitely gonna make this one a little more simple. I feel like with Libra Scale, I got a little too cool for the room. So this one is gonna be more about just listening to the music. It’s taking Ne-Yo back to a place he’s happy and comfortable,” he adds.

Titled “The Cracks In Mr. Perfect,” Ne-Yo’s fifth studio album, is due for release early Summer 2012.

He is also featured on the motion picture soundtrack for ‘Think Like A Man,’ due in theaters April 20.