Tyrese: Trayvon Martin’s Life Not In Vain

As voices grow louder in support of calls for an arrest and further investigation into the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, celebrities are also speaking out.

Making an appearance on CNN Thursday, R&B singer/actor Tyrese Gibson said he believes Martin’s death will bring about change.

“I’m really happy about the amount of attention that it’s getting and I’m disappointed at the same time because it’s not getting nearly as much of attention as it should be getting. But I will say to his family and friends that his death was not in vain,” said Gibson. “See, this is a mess that’s turned into a message. And there’s a lot of people out here that know in the streets and the ghettos around the country that these Trayvons exist every day. Trayvons happened last night, last week, last year.”

According to Tyrese, citing the organization MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a continued public push for change can lead to positive results.

“The loss of Trayvon’s life was not in vain. I just believe that,” Gibson told Soledad O’Brien. “And even though we’re dealing with the thick of what just happened and the injustice that’s taken place. There was a little girl name Cherry in 1980 who was run over by a drunk driver. Her mother, Candice Lightner, through her rage and outcry for help and justice organized MADD which is Mothers against Drunk Drivers. And with all of the laws that are now in place around the country because of this organization, millions of lives of little kids have been saved because they really stepped the laws up pertaining to people and drunk driving.”

While Tyrese is hopeful of a positive outcome, with plans to travel to Florida next week, he admitted the situation would have been different if “a black man had taken the life of a white child.”

“I just believe if a black man had taken the life of a white child, then it would be a whole another situation. And I’m not the guy that’s caught up in racism. That’s not my angle. But I will say that there are stereotypes and there are certain expectations that happen in this country pertaining to the loss of a life,” said Tyrese Gibson. “And we are just not seeing that type of attention happen toward Mr. Zimmerman. That’s why everybody is outraged.”

Tyrese wrapped up his time on ‘Starting Point With Soledad O’Brien’ stating:

“I’m on my way to Florida next week. Hey, Zimmerman, I got a bag of Skittles. Are you going to shoot me?”

In related news, a peaceful rally took place in Sanford, Florida Thursday night. Rev. Al Sharpton led supporters demanding answers in the ongoing case. George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch Captain responsible for Martin’s death, remains a free man.