The Dream: Blacks Can’t Do Soul Records Anymore

Noted producer and recording artist The Dream has never been one to shy away from being bluntly honest but, was his statement that black singers can’t sing “soul anymore” accurate?

Speaking with The Guardian over the weekend, The Dream questioned the admiration Adele (“21”) receives for singing soul versus Beyonce (“4”).

“It’s called rhythm and blues; they just took the blues out of it for so long. What’s crazy is that blacks can’t do soul records any more. We love Adele singing it, but Beyoncé singing it? No,” says The Dream.

So what works for “blacks”? According to The Dream, a club hit.

“No, the tempo’s too slow, gimme the club hit. Now the blacks in America are responsible for the pop records, and everybody else is singing soulful records,” says The Dream. “It’s weird to me. We’re pigeonholed over there.”

So is that really where music stands, at least in the U.S.?

In related news, The Dream is logging studio time with Rita Ora, Bridget Kelly and X Factor’s Tulisa Contostavlos following songs like “1+1, Beyonce” and “Roc, Love IV”