Jeremih Booed, Downed By Drinks For Lipsyncing

Down On Me singer Jeremih has learned two lessons this week. Don’t show up two hours late for a show and don’t lip-sync after the fact.

According to TMZ, the “Birthday Sex” singer only made it through about a minute of his set before concertgoers realized he was lip-syncing Wednesday. Seconds later the crowd began to boo him and throw drinks. While he kept going, despite a few drinks being thrown his way, the mic was unplugged when someone threw a bottle followed by a full cocktail that went straight to his face !

While he has not addressed the show at Clayton’s Bar & Grill on South Padre Island, Jeremih did tweet about another show this week.

“I’ve been thrown bras, n panties. but neva condoms on stage,” said Jeremih.

According to a fan, people started throwing condoms on stage when he performed “Birthday Sex” at Nassau Community College.