Jay-Z, Beyonce Give Rihanna Unexpected Warning?

Are Jay Z and Beyonce using their first born to keep Rihanna and Chris Brown apart?

According to UK based NOW magazine, a source close to the couple said Jay-Z is fuming over Rihanna’s seeming reunion with Chris Brown.

“He got Beyonce to tell Rihanna he doesn’t want her around the baby if she takes Chris back,” the source told NOW. “He wants Blue (Ivy) to have positive role models, not someone who’d take back a man who hit her!”

While this sounds a little far fetched, it isn’t the first time a story has been reported about Jay-Z being angered by Rihanna’s interest in Chris. A couple weeks back, sources said Jay-Z deliberately snapped up Rita Ora and gave her a serious promotional push in response to Rihanna doing “Birthday Cake” with Chris Brown.

Would Beyonce and Jay-Z really stoop that low to threaten Rihanna with their first born?