Lyfe Jennings Released From Prison, Joins Carl Thomas In Studio

Cops Up singer Lyfe Jennings has been released from prison. Making his first public appearance last week, Jennings joined Carl Thomas for an impromptu video.

“It’s going to feel real good to the fans for you to put your next project out,” Carl Thomas said in the short video, calling Jennings “back in action”.

While Lyfe did not have much to say in the video, Thomas expressed plans to collaborate on a few things.

“I’m looking forward to you actually getting back to the studio because I have some things planned that I would like to do,” said Carl Thomas.

As previously reported, Jennings was given three years behind bars for a 2008 altercation with the mother of his child but was released early.

His last album, “I Still Believe,” was released in 2010.