Faith Evans Still In Shock, Talks ‘Down To Earth’ Whitney Houston

While they worked together professionally, notably sharing the hit single “Heartbreak Hotel,” Faith Evans says she knew the real Whitney Houston. Speaking out about the legendary entertainer, Evans admits to be “still in shock” but at the same time, at peace with her death.

“I’m still in shock. But I’m really happy to be able to say that I knew her, like beyond the iconic brand of Whitney Houston. I knew the cool down to earth girl who felt comfortable around me to be able to just be Nippy from the Bricks,” says Evans. “She felt that way around me. She felt comfortable enough with me for her daughter to come stay at my house. And you know, she was very protective of Krissy, so that means a lot to me.”

According to Evans, their bond was strong. At one point, they were neighbors and when Evans was arrested some years back, Whitney was right there to assist.

“They (Faith’s children) only know her as Auntie Whitney who came to our house. They know that’s ‘Whitney Houston’ but it’s not quite the same for them… they know the person, they know the good in her, they know the cool person who called to check on us,” Evans told The Buzz In The City. “When I was in the media being arrested, she was 1 of the first people to call my house the next morning to see if the kids were ok and needed a ride to school. Those are the things that I’ll always remember and love about her, regardless.”

Faith Evans was one of the last to celebrate music with Houston at a pre-Grammy party just days before she died.