Estelle – Love & Heartbreaks

R&B singer Estelle talks with Singersroom about having her heart broken, how she gets over a breakup, what she looks for in a partner and much more.

On Her New Album…I was about people feeling where I’m coming from and I didn’t feel crazy writing these records. So for me it’s very real. Every single song is about something or somebody or some period that I’ve been through.

Dealing With Heartbreaks…I write songs about it and I sing them…I’m not one of these girls that wants to sit there and honestly wallow in it or get really teary eyed.

Being Angry…I don’t throw pots. I have to buy them so I try not to break them; I grew up in the hood.

Finding a Partner…I did the whole ‘OK he’s struggling, he’s trying something, I’m gonna support him;’ doesn’t work…We should be looking for somebody that have equally what we have.


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