Bobbi Kristina Interview Granted Over Trust, Past With Oprah?

There has been a lot of talk when it comes to Oprah Winfrey’s landslide of an announcement over the weekend — a confirmed interview with Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston. While it may not be so much the fact that Oprah secured the interview, the swift timing of it and the air date (all within a week) surely has raised concerns.

According to friends of Bobbi Kristina, agreeing to sit down with Oprah, for an interview that will air a month to the day Whitney died, was an easy choice because the family trusts Winfrey.

“She always looked out for my mom,” friends told TMZ Bobbi Kristina said defending the upcoming program. “(she) was loyal to my mom and never did my mother wrong or made her look bad.”

Nonetheless, some people say Oprah is being completely opportunistic in nothing but an attempt to earn stronger ratings for OWN.

“Oprah give Bobbi Kristina some time to grieve and stop trying get ratings for your network,” a fan wrote via Twitter.

The discussion hit daytime talk Monday as well, with LaToya Jackson weighing in.

“I know that when my brother passed, people were very interested in what happened,” Jackson said while co-hosting The Talk. “And if you don’t give it to them right away, people will start making up rumors and saying all sorts of things so it’s better to nip it in the bud.”

Bobbi Kristina, Patricia Houston, and Gary Houston, the latter two, Whitney’s manager and brother, will join Oprah on Oprah’s Next Chapter airing Sunday, March 11 at 9pm on OWN.