Teddy Riley: Ray J Was There For Whitney and Bobbi Kristina

Industry veteran Teddy Riley says there was a lot more to Ray J and the late Whitney Houston’s relationship than what the public might think. Speaking up regarding some negative media coverage of Ray J, following the funeral, Riley says “he was there through everything”.

“He was there for her. He was there through everything she went through. He was a true friend,” Riley shared with Vibe this week. “Ray J was there for Bobbi Kristina. Some of the things that I’ve seen and heard, Ray J was there for both of them through it all.”

While Riley says there are things he feels should remain private, he admits Whitney was “on her way back up” with talk of additional movies and other projects.

As widely reported, Ray J was one of few to interact with Houston in her final days and reportedly went to the Beverly Hilton to console Bobbi Kristina just hours after Houston’s death.

At this point, Ray J has not spoken about his relationship with Houston at length. But, it seems clear that there was a special connection that only they shared.

Source: Vibe.com