Jennifer Hudson Placed on Balfour, Family Murder Trial Witness List

While it is unclear if she will be called to testify when the trial begins April 9 in Illinois, Jennifer Hudson is officially on the witness list for William Balfour’s murder trial.

Balfour, the estranged husband of Jennifer Hudson’s sister, Julia, is charged with murdering her brother, mother and nephew in October of 2008.

According to the Chicago Tribune, documents containing Jennifer Hudson’s first interview with investigators was filed by the prosecution last week. In those those documents, Hudson describes Balfour as a boy they grew up with. In addition to confirming the fact that they grew up just blocks apart, with Balfour attending the same elementary school, Hudson also told police she heard he had been jailed after eighth grade. She later went on to say there was a lot of tension between the family and Balfour, as the family was not informed of his marriage to her sister, Julia, until months after they became husband and wife.

Hudson claims she had warned her sister not to marry Balfour but,she did not heed that warning.

The trial is slated to begin April 9th in Illinois.