Chris Brown Retains Geragos In Miami Robbery Case, Witness Speaks Out

Chris Brown has retained attorney Mark Geragos to deal with accusations that he snatched a fan’s cellphone in Miami.

According to a source close to Brown, he feels he did nothing wrong and hopes “true facts” will clear him of what could end up being robbery charges.

“Chris is telling friends that he has done nothing wrong. Chris is hopeful that the evidence and the true facts of the case will result in no charges being made against him. Chris is letting his lawyer, Mark Geragos, deal with the Florida State’s Attorney’s Office. Chris is saying that a decision about whether or not charges will be filed against him could be decided and formally announced as early as Friday,” a source told Radar Online Friday. “He will do whatever his attorney asks him to do. He is no longer in the Miami, but if he needs to return for any reason, he certainly will. Chris has nothing to hide.”

If Brown is charged with robbery, it could very well be a major issue for him considering he remains on probation due to his felony assault case. Sources say the conditions of his probation are “very strict” and this case could result in it being revoked, sending Brown to jail.

Miami-Dade officials have not, at this time, charged Brown with anything. They insist they are investigating, interviewing parties involved and will act accordingly. A witness did however come forward late Thursday, telling NBC Miami he saw everything.

“Why does he have to be so mean? It was just a fan,” Nes Grez told NBC Miami. “It was sad, man. It sucked. It really sucked. I felt bad for the girl. I mean I would’ve done the same thing. I would’ve taken one of his pictures.”

As previously reported, Brown allegedly snatched a woman’s iPhone 4s after she took a picture of him and Tyga at Club Cameo last Sunday. He allegedly said “B**** you ain’t going to put that on no website” and drove off with her phone.


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