Rihanna and Chris Brown Remixes: Win or Lose?

Turn Up The Music,” “Birthday Cake,” and controversy. Rihanna celebrated a major 24th birthday Monday, having her cake and eating it too. But, was releasing not just one but, two songs with Chris Brown something to really light candles over?

The debate has begun as to why both would risk everything. First off, they knew, like everyone, that this would get people talking. Let’s face it, this has been rumored for weeks but not flatly denied by either of them.

On one hand you could say putting out a remix to “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music” is a smart business move. Why not? If you listen to both remixes they are hot. Both original songs were hot and already fan favorites, so adding Chris on “Birthday Cake” was fuel to an already burning fire. The same can be said for “Turn Up The Music.”

Listen to Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music Feat. Rihanna

Listen to Rihanna – Birthday Cake Remix Feat. Chris Brown

Beyond the business aspect, did Rihanna really think clearly about the message re- hooking up with Chris sends? Will this alienate her from a fanbase that supported her post 2009 incident? So far there have been mixed reactions. Some say it shows that anything can be forgiven, others say they won’t support because you should not, as a public figure, effectively say what he did was okay and all is forgiven. Beyond the music too, the question is, are they back together? The lyrics definitely suggest it, even though Chris Brown’s rep says he is faithful to his girlfriend, Karruche.

One way or another this is what they wanted, chatter. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is listening to it. It’s headline news. Chris Brown and Rihanna back together.

What message does it send? Is this wrong or right? Was this is a smart move? Who gains and who loses?

What do you think?