Musiq Soulchild Announces Break From Music

Is Musiq really taking a break from recording new music? According to the “Anything” singer, the time has come to focus more on writing and producing following the release of six studio albums.

“I think I want to take a step back a little bit as an artist,” Musiq confirmed in an interview Monday.

While the prospect of hearing a new album and single from Musiq may not happen for sometime, he is not stepping away completely. In fact, Musiq has begun writing and producing for other artists including Chrisette Michele and Bow Wow.

“I’m not going to stop performing or being an artist. I do enjoy singing and all of that, but it takes away from being creative. At least with being a writer-producer you can constantly create and make music and things like that,” says Musiq Soulchild.

On top of writing and producing for other acts, Musiq is writing his first book. According to the publisher, DIP, the book will likely be in stores Summer 2012.

Described as a book “about love and relationships and music,” the project is in development.

Since his debut in 2000, with “Aijuswanaseing,” Musiq has released six albums. His hits include “Love,” “Halfcrazy,” “IfULeave,” and “Teach Me”. His last album, “MusiqInTheMagiq,” was released last May (2011).

Source: Macomb Daily/DIP