Bobby Brown ‘Extremely Disappointed’ Over Houston Family Resentment?

With Whitney Houston’s funeral coming up this Saturday, February 18th, Bobby Brown has been reportedly advised from members of the Houston family to not attend.

Though Brown has not officially heard that he is uninvited to the private ceremony, sources close to the Houston family have said that several members of the family do not want to see him there. TMZ has also reported that Brown is “extremely disappointed” to hear this, and that he hopes the family can put differences aside so they can all be there for daughter Bobby Kristina.

Brown has also gotten flack from the public for continuing to tour and perform in the past couple of days despite the death of Houston, as well as news of his daughter being rushed to the hospital. TMZ claims that Brown has been in Los Angeles since the night of Sunday, February 12th but has not been able to see Bobbi. He has allegedly called and even tried to physically see her, but Houston’s family and friends have turned him away.

The funeral will take place at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday afternoon, and it will be invite-only for roughly 300 guests. On the same day, flags at state government buildings in New Jersey will be flown at half-staff.