Kelly Rowland Slams Media, Says Leave Bobbi Kristina Alone

Kelly Rowland has had enough of select media outlets attacking Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston’s daughter. Speaking up Monday, Rowland said her privacy, and that of the entire family, should be respected.

“The media should calm down. Allow this to be a moment for Bobbi Kristina to have for herself. Leave her alone!,” Rowland told Access Hollywood during an interview Monday. “Let her have her moment. This is not about anybody else. She’s lost her mother, and [Whitney Houston’s] mother has lost her child. Respect that.”

Rowland went on to say she is praying for the family, admitting she wants to be strong for them.

“My prayers go out to Bobbi Kristina and [Whitney’s] mother (Cissy Houston),” said Rowland. “I don’t want to cry. I want to be strong for them. I think when it comes to privacy, we should respect theirs.”

In related news, funeral arrangements are being made for the late Whitney Houston. According to CNN, the funeral will take place in Newark, NJ.