UPDATE: Melanie Fiona Pushes Album Up

Due to the overwhelming fan support and demand for her sophomore project, the official release date for Melanie Fiona’s ‘The MF Life’ LP has been pushed up a week to March 20th, 2012. This new date is also reflected on the pre-order page on Amazon.

As mentioned before, Fiona took a new approach with the upcoming album, as she revealed it as being less safe and conservative.
“This new album broadens my musical spectrum,” she explained. “With ‘The Bridge’ I was looking to break into music and may have played a little conservative, but with ‘The MF Life’ I’m opening up more, which you can clearly hear on [the song] ‘4AM’.”

The president of Title 9 Records, Carmen Murray, also comments, “To see Melanie collaborate with some of the most talented artists in the industry and be recognized for it shows that she is respected for her creativity and talent. This new project will reflect that.”

Just the other night, Fiona received her first Grammy win for her hit “Fool For You” with Cee-Lo Green, which won for both Best R&B Song and Best Traditional R&B Performance.