Kelly Price Remembers Final Moments With Whitney Houston

R&B/soul singer Kelly Price says there was no indication that anything was wrong with Whitney Houston when they reunited last Thursday. Granting an emotional series of interviews just before Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Price details their time singing and talking as “a good time.”

“She came down, and we had a ball like we always do,” said Price. “We laughed, danced, sang and cried and talked about the stuff that we talk about – the kids, life outside of the business. It was good, she was good. It was great, she had a good time, she was happy and that was all night long.”

As widely reported, Price and Houston sang “Jesus Loves Me” during a special Pre-Grammy Award party Thursday, days before Houston’s death.

“She showed up to that party on Thursday night not as a diva. She came and sat in the background and watched me shine. She pushed me to shine,” Price told Rolling Stone. “That’s the Whitney I know, that’s who they need to understand she was.”

The “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Tired” singer also spoke highly of Houston on the red carpet at Sunday’s Grammys before admitting she hoped news of her death was an “internet hoax.”

“In my heart I was praying that it was an internet hoax. I hate them, but I was hoping that it was one,” Price told Ryan Seacrest. “To realize that it wasn’t, I don’t even know how to explain it.”

While her televised interview with Ryan Seacrest was cut short when she became understandably emotional, Price held true to the adage “the show must go on” Sunday.

Joining Kim Burrell, Le’Andria Johnson and Trin-i-tee 5:7, Price performed The Clark Sisters’ “Livin” during the pre-telecast.

Below is some video footage of Houston’s performance with Price on Thursday night: