Chris Brown Denied Lift of Probation, Plus Grammy Update

Despite what his attorney describes as “making great strides,” Chris Brown will remain on probation.

Mark Geragos, his attorney, attempted to have his five-year probation sentence lifted early Thursday, claiming Brown has been on such good behavior he should be allowed to move forward without supervision.

Superior Court Judge George Lomeli disagreed however, ruling that Brown continue to report to a probation officer in his home state of Virginia.

Though the probation ruling isn’t necessarily good news for Chris Brown, he will take the stage for a special performance at Sunday’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards. He is also nominated for several awards, including Best R&B Album (“F.A.M.E.”).

Don’t expect to see Chris Brown on the red carpet prior to the show, sources say he will not be taking any interview questions before his performance.

“Chris just wants to do his performance, and let his music speak for him,” a source told Radar Online Friday. “Chris and Rihanna have both moved on from what happened, and Chris has accepted responsibility for his actions.”