Olivia Wants ‘Control,’ Explains Love & Hip Hop Deal

When viewers tuned in for the season two finale of Love & Hip Hop Monday, they saw R&B songstress Olivia decline a deal with EMI. Some might have said she blew an opportunity, others might say she made the right decision.

Explaining why she declined the deal this week, Olivia claims it’s all about creative control.

“The one that we talked about on the show, it was just too much going on. For three albums, it’s a lot. Especially me being an artist that has already been out, you want me to commit for three albums which means I’m basically (stuck),” Olivia told NY’s The Breakfast Club of the EMI deal. “We have a lot of material but that’s not the point. I don’t know how the label works. I already know that you’re probably gonna try and change me and make me do what ya’ll want me to do. I’m not gonna do that again.”

According to Olivia, following the success of “December,” any future deal has to allow for creative control.

“I need to keep my creative control because I love what I’m doing. I need to keep doing the music I’m doing because I wasn’t able to do that in the past. So why would I give up my creative control ?”

Following the failed EMI deal, Olivia claims new offers have come up.

“Now we got a few good ones on the table that we’re thinking about,” she said Wednesday.