Leona Lewis Album Pushed Back to November

Although Leona Lewis first entered the scene dominating the charts with her vocal prowess, the British singer/songwriter has struggled to attain that same success with her follow-up material. Now, she’s looking to face even more difficulties as her forthcoming third LP ‘Glassheart’ has been pushed back to November 26th, 2012, as listed on Amazon.com.

Lewis has been cited to describe the album as “energetic, deep, [and] unique,” with a much darker tone than her previous projects. Also, Clive Davis has joined the team on working on the project. “We’re about to finish her third album, which I think is damn good and has hits. I’ve been talking to Will.I.Am, Ryan Tedder, Polow and we’re taking the old fashioned approach of coming up with hit songs and hit records,” he said.

She has even worked with the likes of Chuck Harmony, Claude Kelly, Dallas Austin, Rico Love, and Ne-Yo on the album.