Ne-Yo’s Red Tails ‘Flies High’ at Weekend Box Office, Celebrities Rally Support

The George Lucas directed film ‘Red Tails,’ starring Ne-Yo, Terrence Howard, Method Man, Cuba Gooding Jr. and more, has exceeded expectations at the weekend box office.

Following a strong ‘A’ from Cinema Score, the film, chronicling the Tuskegee Airmen, brought in $19.1 million according to figures released Sunday morning.

Stronger than expected, the total gives ‘Red Tails’ a no.2 debut at the weekend box office. That makes the gamble Lucas took, bringing the film to the big screen, one worth taking.

As widely reported, Lucas (Star Wars) funded the film with an all-African-American-cast on his own dime, putting $58 million alone into production. He then spent another $35 million to distribute ‘Red Tails,’ despite facing opposition from Hollywood.

Red Tails has received support from celebrities, beyond those starring in the film, throughout the weekend. Among them, Kelly Rowland and Snoop Dogg telling their followers on Twitter to support the movie. Earlier in the week, Tyler Perry championed the film also, penning an open letter.

“For him to believe so strongly in this story is amazing,” Perry said of Lucas. “I think we should pull together and get behind this movie. I really do! Not just African Americans, but all of us. I have seen the movie and screened it here in Atlanta. I loved it and I think you will too. The Tuskegee Airmen, who were at the screening, were so happy that somebody is telling a small part of their story. Please take your kids, you will enjoy it and so will they. There is a lot of action and adventure and also a great history lesson to be learned.”

Ne-Yo also reached out Friday, gifting 200 tickets to see Red Tails in New York.

David Oyelowo, Elijah Kelley, Michael B. Jordan, Leslie Odom Jr., Marcus T. Paulk, Nate Parker, Tristan Wilds, and Andre Royo also star in ‘Red Tails’.