Ne-Yo explains ‘Mr. Perfect’ Album Title

While his latest film, Red Tails, opens in theaters today, Ne-Yo has another project on his mind — a fifth studio album.

Breaking down the title of the project, “Mr. Perfect,” Ne-Yo claims the album is all about connecting with listeners.

“This album for me is my way of showing people, Yes, I am a celebrity. But at the end of the day, I’m a human being, I’m a man first. I’m not perfect,” said Ne-Yo. “There are things about me you might not like.”

According to the “Give Me Everything” and “Let Go” singer, the troubles with being an artist today, effectively trying to please everyone, is another reason why “Mr. Perfect’ fits.

“Any artist who you speak to that will speak truthfully about the music business and will tell you that in a lot of ways you feel like a mannequin: You can’t really have too much of an opinion, you can’t really do what you wanna do or say what you wanna say because you don’t wanna piss your fans off,” said Ne-Yo. “You have to be perfect.”

With a tentative March release, “Mr. Perfect” falls right in line with Ne-Yo’s return to theaters and upcoming role on ‘The Voice’ (NBC). There, he joins Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds as an advisor on Team Cee-Lo (Green). The Voice premieres February 5 on NBC.

c: Ebony