Rihanna Accused of Jacking Photographer’s Work in ‘You Da One’

Another music video, another controversy for Rihanna. Soon after the video premiere of her latest single “You Da One,” critics quickly noticed that some scenes in the Melina Matsoukas-directed clip resembled some of the work done by fashion photographer, Solve Sundsbo.

In the scenes where the pop superstar was rocking a bowl haircut and a flesh-colored bodysuit, shadows of stripes and dots formed unique patterns across her skin. These visuals were in fact identical to a nude photo shoot that Solve did for “Numero 93” three years ago. RiRi and Melina have yet to respond to the plagiarism allegations.

This is not the first time that both Rihanna and Melina have collaborated and ran into plagiarism claims. Earlier this year, photographer David LaChapelle sued the Barbados singer for allegedly stealing his work and using it without his consent in her Melina-directed “S&M” video. The two were able to reach a settlement outside of the court.