inFashion: It’s Tight On You

They come in a variety of hues, patterns, and textures giving your legs a smooth finish or your outfit some added interest. They are tights and they really are “tight on you”. Would we have a different name for them if they were loose? Let’s ponder this and then reconvene. Like scarves and jewelry, tights are a fun and relatively inexpensive way to jazz up an outfit.

Wearing tights under dresses and skirts have been around since we were children. I distinctly recall not enjoying this requirement in my childhood years as I preferred my “real legs” to be free. Then tights got creative and wearing them no longer felt like a chore. While white tights should refrain from being seen, all others are up for grabs!

Here is a brief breakdown on how to incorporate tights into the winter 2011 season:

1. Give your favorite summer shorts, skirts, and dresses a makeover by adding tights.

2. Break up a black or gray ensemble by introducing a pair of tights in emerald green, maroon, or purple.

3. Make your little black dress pop with patterned black tights. You still get that sleek look but with a twist!

4. Black opaque tights are a slimming classic. This season try those tights in navy. You’ll still get that dark effect but in a new hue!

5. Mix and match patterns with tights and shorts. An example is to find a pair of brown plaid shorts with thin lines and pair it with black, vertical striped, tights. Throw on a pair of black booties, a silky cream button, and you’ve got a funky look for the season!

—— By: Nyemadi S. L. Dunbar


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