Legendary Singer Etta James Declared ‘Terminally Ill’

Grammy-winning soul singer Etta James is terminally ill and was declared incurable two weeks ago, according to her live-in doctor, Dr. Elaine James. Reportedly, the 73-year-old “At Last” singer has leukemia, dementia and kidney disease among her “many, many illnesses.”

The doctor moved into the iconic singer’s Riverside, California home back in March 2010, and she is spreading the news about James’ medical condition in hopes that fans will pray for James.

In Contrary, the singer’s sons, Donto and Sametto, felt that their mother’s health is deteriorating and prefer for her to be admitted to the hospital instead of receiving care at her home.

“I saw her the day before yesterday, and I think she needs to be in the hospital. She doesn’t look good,” said Donto James.

Currently, James is under 24-hour medical care and can only communicate with “uh-huhs” and “no’s”.

The entire Singersroom team is praying for Etta and her family through this tough time.