EXCLUSIVE: Syleena Johnson Reveals Love’s True Meaning

Being a loving wife and mother has taught award-winning singer Syleena Johnson a few things. In a recent interview with Singersroom, Syleena cleared up what love is and isn’t saying, “I learned that love is not what people think it is. Love is not a form of this lustful, imaginary, friendly thing that happens to you when you meet a person. That is not love – love is an action word. Love is me looking you in your face and saying no matter what, I choose to stay with you – I’m committed to you.”

After quoting a popular Bible verse, Syleena goes on to explain that the power and beauty in love is that it is a choice. “If I had to love someone it wouldn’t mean anything. But to choose to do something and stick with it is way more powerful. That’s what love is, and what marriage is. For two people to say I’m going to stay here regardless.” So does love conquer all? If you ask Syleena, the answer is a firm “yes” – “Nothing is unforgiveable if you love the person.” Wow. Nothing? That’s a tough concept to grasp but Syleena believes it’s very doable.

She sums it up eloquently by stating, “Love is giving yourself to someone else without coercion – that will never be passé, and if it is, then it’s not love.” Does Syleena’s view on love match yours? How would you define the infamous four-letter word?

Read more of our sit down with Syleena HERE.


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