Tyrese Says He Doesn’t Compete, Says ‘I Win’

After a five year hiatus from music, singer/actor Tyrese released ‘Open Invitation’ independently and scored his first number one album. In addition, the set’s lead single “Stay” has been in heavy rotation on the R&B charts and scored him his first No. 1 single.

With this newfound success, the “Sweet Lady” hitmaker says he wasn’t worried about the competition. “Well, I don’t compete, I win. That’s just my mentality. I’ve never been competitive,” Tyrese told Teletela.com.

Not to take anything away from the talented singers in R&B, Tyrese made it clear that he had nothing but respect for the ones that’s “keeping music alive.”

“If R&B music sat on my shoulders, R&B music would have stopped five years ago. I’m actually grateful for Usher and Chris Brown and R. Kelly and all of the guys who have been able to keep music alive – Ne-Yo and all these guys,” says Tyrese. “I’m friendly and I’m cool with everybody. I don’t get into, ‘I want to take out Usher,’ I’m glad that they’re selling records; I’m glad that they’re winning and keeping music alive.

He continues: “I walked away from music five years ago and if they wasn’t still out there, the music would have stopped when I stopped. So, I didn’t come back into it thinking, ‘Oh my God, are they gonna love me and enjoy me and except me again?’ I was just like, look, I’m gonna get on that microphone and I’m gonna sing, it’s gonna come from a real place. I don’t wanna sell the most records; I just want to sell my records.”

Read Tyrese’s full interview with our friends at Teletela.com


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